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Hot meals package delivered to Frontline Health workers
Chefs and Cooks trained and employed


The COVID-19 pandemic has had many implications on the Ghanaian economy including the loss of jobs for cooks, kitchen staff and delivery persons working in the hospitality and transport industry. With the lack of existing opportunities such as “short-time work” in Ghana, these affected persons in these sectors were hit hard with some finding it difficult to feed their immediate families. 

Through Food for Ghana’s Frontline, we are creating employment for hospitality workers who lost their jobs through the pandemic and nourishing Frontline Health Workers with Daily Meal packages.


Food for Ghana’s Frontline is a COVID-19 intervention project providing a sustainable solution towards the loss of jobs within Ghana’s hospitality sector whiles rewarding the effort of frontline health workers with daily food packages.
Implemented by GIZ program in partnership with Food for All Africa, the project aims to provide over 50,000 meals to COVID-19 frontline health workers and create job opportunities for over 100 unemployed cooks, kitchen staff and delivery personnel affected by the pandemic.

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Why Food For Ghana's Frontline

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many implications on the Ghanaian economy including the hotel and restaurant sector which has been hard hit and has been paralyzed by the restrictions imposed by the government, inevitably leading to unemployment among cooks and kitchen staff, as there is no instrument such as ‘short-time work’ in Ghana to absorb them in such a situation (the same applies to the transport sector – motorcycle taxis).

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