Food for Ghana’s Frontline
is a
COVID-19 intervention project

Supporting Hospitality, Feeding The Frontline

We’ve already delivered thousands of meals of high-quality to Ga East Covid 19 center thanks to the support of GIZ.

Support us to get fresh products, fruit and vegetables directly to frontline health workers across Ghana.

Who We Are & What We Do

Food for Ghana’s Frontline is a COVID-19 intervention project providing a sustainable solution towards the loss of jobs within Ghana’s hospitality sector whiles rewarding the effort of frontline health workers with daily food packages. 

Implemented by GIZ Ghana’s in partnership with Food for All Africa, the project aims to provide over 50,000 meals to COVID-19 frontline health workers and create job opportunities for over 100 unemployed cooks, kitchen staff and delivery personnel affected by the pandemic.


Why Food for Ghana’s Frontline

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many implications on the Ghanaian economy including the hotel and restaurant sector which has been hard hit and has been paralyzed by the restrictions imposed by the government, inevitably leading to unemployment among cooks and kitchen staff, as there is no instrument such as ‘short-time work’ in Ghana to absorb them in such a situation (the same applies to the transport sector – motorcycle taxis).

On the other hand, there is the special situation during pandemic control in the health sector, where medical staff work overtime, are sometimes separated from their families for weeks on end and have no time to look after their own food supplies. The project combines these two exceptional situations and offers a solution for both groups: a temporary income for cooks until the restrictions are lifted and demand picks up again and they can be rehired or open their own restaurants on the one hand and providing the medical ‘front’ staff with good and healthy food on the other. The project also expresses a special recognition of the immense efforts of health personnel, and this is exactly what provides the basis for the financing model of the proposal, where companies, supermarkets, but also private individuals can donate money or material goods such as food or even currently unused professional kitchens for food preparation via a digital platform.

The organizational core of the project is the NGO Food4All, who will be supported through a contract to hire the cooks and more delivery personnel who are also currently unemployed and to organize the food preparation and distribution.
Ghana is reporting in excess of 500 new infections on average each day. Ghana only has 113 intensive care beds for a population of 30 million.
The rapid rise in cases has put frontline health workers under considerable pressure as they seek to brave all odds to win the fight against COVID-19.
Most health workers are having to work long shifts in very unfamiliar environments.
These gallant health workers face numerous challenges in the discharge of their duties.